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“I’m proud to lead ALC India’s talented technology team, whose focus is to deliver innovative solutions that aid in the operation of ALC’s business. Over my 17-year career with ALC, I have a proven track record of building and maintaining effective transportation management systems (TMS), using a variety of the latest technologies. As the manager of the ALC India office, I am responsible for both project deliveries and operations logistics, while ensuring our team has everything they need to thrive.”

Chetan ParikhManager

ALC India

Allen Lund Company India Pvt Ltd
1101, Shreeji Aradhan, Plot no. 261,
Sector-17, Ulwe Node
Raigad, Maharashtra
India 410206

Chetan Parikh

ALC India’s Story

Allen Lund Company established a development team in India in 2007. Over the following decade, particularly in the most recent few years, this team experienced exponential growth, leading to the establishment of ALC India. Currently, the team focuses on the Transportation Management System (TMS) for Allen Lund Company and integrating with the company’s top customers. As with ALC, the India office hires the best talent and takes care of the employees and their families.

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