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“Allen Lund Company has always prided itself on superior customer service and we recognize that customer service is a 24/7 requirement. We launched ALC India to position the company to be able to provide around-the-clock service and we now can provide crucial tracking and load information to our shippers via ALC India any time of day or night.”

Chetan TandonCIO

Extra Mile Team

1004, 10th Floor, RUPA SOLITAIRE,
Millenium Business Park, Sector 2,
Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400710, India

Morgan Underwood

​Program Director – Extra Mile Team
email Morgan Underwood

Tracey Scott

EMT Supervisor
email Tracey Scott

Vivek Adake

EMT Manager
email Vivek Adake

Extra Mile Team Story

The Extra Mile Team works with ALC offices throughout the United States and provides 17 hours of phone coverage on weekdays, and 24 hours of coverage on weekends.  The team handles an average of over 450 loads after hours per day. Under the guidance of Morgan and Tracey, we look forward to growing the EMT and shifting more after-hours responsibilities from the US offices to ALC India-EMT.  This expansion of ALC provides additional customer service to our Shippers who need 24/7 communication with us to assure them that their freight is being properly handled.

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