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“I'm honored to be given the opportunity to lead such a great group in Boise. When I first visited the office during the transition, I was able to see first-hand the amazing team. Their hardworking, customer-driven mindset had me very impressed.”

Zach Anderson

Boise Office

2487 W. Navigator Dr, Suite 410
Meridian, Idaho 83642
800.368.5863 office
208.994.6574 local
855.213.9068 fax

Zach Anderson

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Boise’s Story

Magic Valley Truck Brokers, Inc. was a family-owned business that started as a dream for Gus and Millie Blaser in Twin Falls, Idaho, in 1955. Gus was driving a truck and brokering loads for friends out of phone booths. In 1967, the family moved to Boise, Idaho. Gus drove over a million miles for a grocery warehouse company and then started doing their dispatching. Meanwhile, Millie continued running the company. In February 2021, the Allen Lund Company acquired Magic Valley Truck Brokers, Inc. ALC has continued to honor MVTB’s legacy, understanding the significance of hard work and family through its own history as a family-owned company.

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