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“We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new ALC Salt Lake City office in Ogden, Utah! This expansion marks an exciting chapter for the Allen Lund Company as we continue to grow and serve our clients with exceptional logistics solutions. Our team is eager to bring our nearly 50 years of expertise to the Ogden area, providing the dedicated service and innovative solutions our clients have come to expect.”

Casey JensenSalt Lake City Office General Manager

Salt Lake City

372 24th St., Suite 320
Ogden, UT 84401
800-964-5863 main
385-470-3690 local
800-777-6035 fax

Casey Jensen

General Manager
email Casey Jensen

Salt Lake City’s Story

Welcome to the Salt Lake City Office! Well, located in Ogden, Utah but we like to call it our Salt Lake
City Office.

The Allen Lund Company proudly announces the opening of our new office in Ogden, Utah.
This expansion marks another milestone in our journey of growth and commitment to excellence
in transportation brokerage.

With roots tracing back to Utah, the Lund family’s connection to the region adds special
significance to this new venture. From our inception in 1976 with a single office in Los Angeles,
we have steadily grown into an industry leader with offices nationwide.

Our new Salt Lake City office embodies our commitment to innovation and customer-focused
solutions. With nearly 50 years of industry expertise, we are excited to extend our reach and
deliver exceptional service from this strategic location.

The Salt Lake City office is poised to serve our clients with excellence, contributing to the
region’s growth and prosperity.

Join us as we embark on this exciting new chapter in the Allen Lund Company story.

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