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Allen Lund Company Announces the Acquisition of Magic Valley Truck Brokers, Inc.

By February 1, 2021No Comments

The Allen Lund Company is pleased to announce the acquisition of Magic Valley Truck Brokers, Inc. based in Boise, Idaho.

“My parents always said, don’t work just for today, work hard for tomorrow and think long-term then you will always have a job and a good name. So, when Allen Lund Company, Eddie, and David approached us this seemed like a perfect fit,” said Wes Blaser president of Magic Valley Truck Brokers, Inc.

Tracey Lewin, VP of Sales and Operations stated, “From the moment I walked in the door to greet the Boise team for the first time, I knew instantly that we had made a great decision. From their company culture to their work ethic and grit, to their customer and carrier mix, their operation, and their family at the root of it all, we line up so well and share so much in common. I’m proud to call Magic Valley Truck Brokers our newest Allen Lund Company office, and I’m so excited to see what the future brings. 

About Magic Valley Truck Brokers, Inc.

Magic Valley Truck Brokers, Inc. a family-owned business, started as a dream for Gus and Millie Blaser in Twin Falls, Idaho in 1955. Gus was driving a truck and brokering loads for friends out of phone booths. In 1967, the family moved to Boise, Idaho. Gus drove over a million miles for a grocery warehouse company and then started doing their dispatching. Meanwhile, Millie continued running Magic Valley Truck Brokers, Inc. They incorporated in 1971 and in 1972, Gus joined Millie full-time. In 1975 they hired two of their children, Wes and Debbie (Wes had been driving one of their trucks for two years). Wes was not happy just brokering loads on the West Coast that had built the company, so he opened up the East Coast, working all 48 states. Wes and Debbie purchased the company in 1996.

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