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In a world full of emails requesting location updates and on-time delivery status, there is a need for simplified tracking and tracing. Tracking is the new buzz word in logistics, quickly spreading as an industry norm. As often as technology changes, so does the trucking industry. The recent development and use of mobile tracking apps are designed to benefit all parties involved. FourKites and MacroPoint are some of the frontrunners paving the way to this new norm.

It’s no surprise that shippers find value in tracking apps, but drivers and dispatchers can receive benefits from implementing these apps, too. They can reduce the amount of inbound calls from brokers and shippers, while also being able to provide timely updates in a matter of seconds. With these location updates just a click away, many shippers are now requiring compliance in order to move their freight. Demanding certain percentages of compliance in order to continue growing and even keeping their business. Brokers are having to adapt to keep up with these requirements by taking the extra steps to get carriers tracking through the apps. Through working together to meet the requirements of shippers, carriers and brokers can improve performance benchmarks and make the tracking process more simple.

Though these apps are helpful, it can be very overwhelming for drivers with how many different apps there are. Many carriers are trying to get integrated through their ELDs in order to save time and assure tracking is completed on every load. The Allen Lund Company has entered the tracking arena by developing our own app with the hopes of being a one-stop shop for these many tracking apps. ALC will continue to improve its app by adding more features for the carrier. By adding value to the ALC Carrier app, customers and carriers will benefit from improved communication and accurate tracking data.

These mobile tracking apps aren’t going away, so compliance is key. It won’t be long until it’s required amongst every customer. Many of these apps work similarly so it’s only a matter of time before most, if not all, drivers become familiar with the process, giving us a better chance of meeting compliance requirements. It’s exciting to see how far technology has advanced the logistics industry as we look forward to the future.


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