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International Roadcheck will be held from May 16 to May 19, 2023. Each year the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) holds a three-day event in which CVSA-certified inspectors conduct reviews of trucks for safety at weigh/inspection stations, designated inspection sites, and along roadways. Since 1988 there have been more than 1.6 million roadside inspections. The FMCSA, the Canadian Council Motor Transport Administrators, Transport Canada, and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation of Mexico all participate.

An inspection focuses on two areas – driver and vehicle safety. The inspector will review the driver’s credentials, hours-of-service documentation, and several other factors relevant to maintaining safety behind the wheel. A vehicle inspection involves checking that all safety components are functioning including brake systems, steering mechanisms, and tires.

This year, points of emphasis will be placed on anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and cargo securement. Specific focus is placed each year on a different safety component to promote overall security. ABS allows drivers to maintain control of a vehicle while braking to help reduce the risk of collisions. Cargo securement helps drivers maintain the maneuverability of their vehicle and prevent loads from falling that could lead to dangerous crashes on the road.

During International Roadcheck, inspectors will gather data over the course of the three day event. This information will be shared later to provide insight into the current state of commercial motor vehicle and driver safety.


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