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The Allen Lund Company announces Jeremy McGovern will be taking over as manager of the Los Angeles sales office. 

Jeremy has been with ALC for over 12 years and started as a broker with success in building business relationships quickly and easily from the start. Throughout his career at ALC, Jeremy has shown a strong work ethic and will work until the job is done. His competitive nature constantly pushes him to succeed and accomplish any goal set before him, and he knows what it takes to run a profitable office. Jeremy was promoted to manager of the Savannah office in February of 2014.

VP of Sales & Branch Operations, Tracey Lewin, stated, “I am very excited to welcome Jeremy McGovern to the helm of the LA office. I have always had a great deal of respect for Jeremy, his management style, and his customer service and operations approach. I know that his experience, people skills, and his eyes and ears will prove to be of immeasurable value as the flagship office of the Allen Lund Company continues on its already successful path.”

Jeremy commented, “Following in the footsteps of Allen, David, Kenny, Eddie, Tracey, and Joe, is a big responsibility that I am taking very seriously and with a lot of pride. I am very much looking forward to working with the team in LA and am ready to get started on our journey. Together, we are going to do big things.” 

VP Sales & Branch Operations, Jim McGuire, added, “Congratulations to Jeremy for taking on the challenge of managing our LA sales office. I am confident he will bring the same work ethic, attitude, and leadership that made him successful in Savannah.”

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