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Rice is a widely consumed grain that is a popular ingredient in many households across the globe. It is used in various recipes and is an integral part of the daily diet of millions of people. Being that I am from Arkansas, I am proud to say that Arkansas is the top state in the U.S. for rice production []. Outside of the country, China is the world’s number one rice producer. Have you ever thought about the supply chain behind rice? The process of getting rice to your kitchen is a complex and delicate one. In addition to the preparation of the soil, growing, and harvesting of the rice, the transportation of rice plays a crucial role in ensuring that it reaches your table safely and in good condition.

When transporting rice, it is important to note that it is an absorbent grain and requires a clean trailer. The slightest contamination of rice can affect its quality and taste. Before loading rice inside a trailer, it must be inspected from top to bottom and meet strict guidelines to ensure that it is clean. The trailer should be dry and free of any odors, holes, or leaks. You wouldn’t want your rice, which you’ll consume, loaded in a trailer that previously transported pallets of cow manure to your local garden center! The trailer floor must be thoroughly swept out so there are no traces of metal shavings, nails, or wood chips from previous shipments. The seals around the door must be tight, and there should be no daylight coming into the trailer. It is worth noting that if the trailer fails to meet these strict guidelines, the rice shipper will refuse it at the dock and request another trailer. Oddly enough, even a brand-new trailer would also be rejected. If it rolls off the production line to a rice shipper, the trailer will have the new paint smell that the rice could absorb.

A thorough inspection process ensures that only the best quality trailer is utilized to get rice transported and delivered to consumers. All these guidelines play a crucial role in ensuring that the rice reaches its destination safely and in the best possible condition. The next time you sit down to enjoy a delicious rice dish with your loved ones, take a moment to appreciate the effort and care that goes into getting the rice to your table. Enjoy!

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