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In the movie Old School, the character played by Will Ferrell (Frank the Tank) embarks on a comically memorable sprint down Main Street in his quest to establish a fraternity at the college. While the movie presents this pursuit as a hilarious and lighthearted endeavor, it underscores the determination and tenacity required to bring about change, even in the face of challenges and opposition. Similarly, unions require a strong sense of purpose and unity among workers to stand up against unfavorable conditions, or unjust treatment, or “frankly” better pay and benefits. Just as Ferrell’s character rallied his fraternity brothers, unions bring workers together to amplify their voices, advocating for fair wages, safe working environments, and improved benefits. Recently, *UPS, *Yellow Corp., the UAW and Hollywood actors and writers are involved with their unions in these same talks and negotiations. Both sides need to work together to reach a win-win resolution. *UPS, Teamsters reached an agreement in labor negotiations on July 25, 2023, securing wage increases for all workers.*Yellow Corp. declared bankruptcy on July 31, 2023 after years of financial struggles.

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